Nothing affects the PCB’s total cost and reliability as much as the initial design. That is why we have put together our PCB design tools for engineers, designers and anyone else involved in the PCB design or production process. Our current PCB design tools are PCB design guidelines, PCB design mistakes and PCB design checklist.

To help you get it right from the start and make reliable PCBs!

NCAB PCB design tools : Design guidelines for printed circuit boards

PCB design guidelines

Get it right from the start with our PCB design guidelines

To prevent getting it wrong from the start, we have put together our design guidelines, to use as a checklist.

NCAB PCB design tools : How to avoid common PCB design mistakes

PCB design mistakes

How to avoid common PCB design mistakes

We have created a tool that identifies 13 of the most common mistakes, the implications these may have on the finished PCB and how to avoid them.

NCAB PCB design tools : PCB design checklist

PCB Design Checklist

Is your solder mask larger than the component pad?

Use our PCB design checklist to make sure the critical areas of the design are covered before starting the production.

PCB Specification

Important features of a reliable PCB

At first sight, PCBs differ little in appearance, irrespective of their inherent quality. It is under the surface that we find the differences so critical to the PCBs’ durability and function during their entire lifecycle. The 14 features in our PCB Specification are essential to make high reliability PCBs.

More questions about PCB design?

Read our FAQ about printed circuit boards

Do you have a question about PCB design?

We have listed some of the most common design questions we receive, as well as other common questions about PCBs and frequently discussed topics.

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